Source code for aiocometd.exceptions

"""Exception types

Exception hierarchy::

from typing import Optional, List, cast

from aiocometd import utils

[docs]class AiocometdException(Exception): """Base exception type. All exceptions of the package inherit from this class. """
[docs]class TransportError(AiocometdException): """Error during the transportation of messages"""
[docs]class TransportInvalidOperation(TransportError): """The requested operation can't be executed on the current state of the transport"""
[docs]class TransportTimeoutError(TransportError): """Transport timeout"""
[docs]class TransportConnectionClosed(TransportError): """The connection unexpectedly closed"""
[docs]class ServerError(AiocometdException): """CometD server side error""" # pylint: disable=useless-super-delegation def __init__(self, message: str, response: Optional[utils.JsonObject]) \ -> None: """If the *response* contains an error field it gets parsed according to the \ `specs <>`_ :param message: Error description :param response: Server response message """ super().__init__(message, response) # pylint: enable=useless-super-delegation @property def message(self) -> str: """Error description""" # pylint: disable=unsubscriptable-object return cast(str, self.args[0]) # pylint: enable=unsubscriptable-object @property def response(self) -> Optional[utils.JsonObject]: """Server response message""" return cast(Optional[utils.JsonObject], self.args[1]) # pylint: disable=unsubscriptable-object @property def error(self) -> Optional[str]: """Error field in the :obj:`response`""" if self.response is None: return None return self.response.get("error") @property def error_code(self) -> Optional[int]: """Error code part of the error code part of the `error\ <>`_, \ message field""" return utils.get_error_code(self.error) @property def error_message(self) -> Optional[str]: """Description part of the `error\ <>`_, \ message field""" return utils.get_error_message(self.error) @property def error_args(self) -> Optional[List[str]]: """Arguments part of the `error\ <>`_, \ message field""" return utils.get_error_args(self.error)
[docs]class ClientError(AiocometdException): """ComtedD client side error"""
[docs]class ClientInvalidOperation(ClientError): """The requested operation can't be executed on the current state of the client"""